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We are conducting a survey of UNAHA members to assess the impacts of meth use and manufacturing in tribal housing authority units on the administration of tribal housing programs, including the cost of meth testing and remediation and the exacerbation of existing housing shortages by the temporary removal of meth-contaminated housing units from service. The survey asks questions concerning the number of rental and homeownership units that you currently manage, whether you conduct meth testing and remediation on your units, the number of units that have been removed from service due to positive meth testing results, the costs of testing and remediation to date for your housing program, and the number and type of meth-related evictions that you have carried out. The data collected via this survey will allow UNAHA to inform elected officials and agency staff at the state and federal levels about the extent of the meth problem and provide concrete numbers to funding sources that may be able to separately fund our efforts in order to prevent the continuing expenditure of limited Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) funds to address this problem. We need all UNAHA members to complete the survey, even if you have not started conducting testing and remediation yet, as this data will serve as a baseline for deeper future discussions of this issue at the regional and national level and will provide a powerful model for other regions around the country.

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The UNITED NATIVE AMERICAN HOUSING ASSOCIATION (UNAHA) was formed in 1985 to give a collective voice regarding housing matters to over 30 Tribes located in HUD Region VIII which encompasses Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, and Kansas. 

UNAHA blends two National American Indian Housing Council and AMERIND Regions which prior to 1985 were represented by two separate advocacy organizations; the NORTHERN PLAINS INDIAN HOUSING ASSOCIATION and the DAKOTA TERRITORIES INDIAN HOUSING ASSOCIATION. Organizing as UNAHA provided two delegates to each of the respective National Organizations serving Indian Housing interest in those states.

UNAHA provides information to member housing entities related to training, legislation, resources, and other issues effecting Indian housing.  It is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of elected officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The organization meets three times each year. The annual meeting is always held in Denver, Colorado in conjunction with the ALL WEST NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETBALL CLASSIC.  A summer meeting is usually held in August and the location changes each year in an attempt to try to occasionally meet near each member. A third and final meeting is held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the NAIHC Legal Symposium. This meeting schedule is an attempt to provide members an opportunity to stretch their travel and training budgets. 




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